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Andrew and Ashford offer a convenient and easy way of selling your business, Having a group of experts who assess your business and give you the best price and the best methods in how to get the most out of your business.

Why Businesses are Sold 

When selling a business the most common question asked is always “Why are you selling your business?”, There are multiple possible reason why an individual will consider selling their business and these reasons might not make sense to a possible buyer, here are a list of the common reasons people sell their businesses. 
  • Burnout
  • New Opportunities
  • Declining Revenues
  • Negative Industry Changes
  • Partner Disputes
  • Financial Reasons
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Retirement
Over the past few years, the number of business starting and closing is at an all time high, with this the number of business that are being sold  is also climbing.

When should you sell your business?

Asset f

Deciding whether to sell your business or not can leave you with many sleepless nights, 
Especially if the business is with significance this is far from a easy decision.


One of the most important factor to consider when selling a business is RISK….
a business could be doing well and is profitable now but future changes in the industry can 
change all that, in actuality if you’ve made enough money and you’re no longer willing to keep
rolling the dice in an unpredictable market then sell your business.

Pros and Cons to Consider? 

Pros to Selling 

  • You can get paid now
  • You could use the money to invest in passive investments
  • You can use the money to buy a business with more growth potential
  • Free up mind power to focus on other existing business ventures
  • Would free up a little bit of your time
  • Another owner could likely grow the business with a fresh set of strategies

Cons to Selling 

  • You might not need the money at the moment
  • The business already has a significant revenue your giving up
  • The business could have great growth potential
  • If you sell will you have enough revenue to keep everything a float
  • Growing your business over the next year might get you more value
  • Hiring people with the right skill set will help grow the business


Our Partners / Directors have expertise across the following industries:
  • Aerospace industry
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical industry
  • Computer industry
  • Construction industry
  • Defense industry
  • Education industry
  • Energy industry
  • Entertainment industry
  • Financial services industry
  • Food industry
  • Health care industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Information industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass media
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Transport industry
  • Services

Why choose Andrew and Ashford?


Our people

As you would expect, our people are experts in selling business. But they also have extensive knowledge of your industry. That’s because we recruit people from within the industry in which our customers operate.

This direct experience means our business experts really understand the challenges the business owner faces. You can rely on them to be a consistent and proactive point of contact, on hand throughout the life of the transaction.


Our service

Our friendly staff and experts are their to get the most out of your business. We don’t provide standard services, we consider all relevant aspects of your business and then apply the possible method to get the most out of it.

With minimal work from your end, our team of experts enables you to sell your business with little effort and gives you to invest in new business in industries better suited for you.


Our principles

We’re here to help you move on from your business. So, we base our every decision on the overall benefit to you and your business – were not just her to help. But we’re partners too; a decision that fails to take account of risk factors and and other market factors is not in anyone’s interest.

With our local team in the UK, we can respond quickly to your requests for information and decisions. In fact, we aim to give you a decision within days, sometimes hours.


Our directors

Who will handle your sale have all owned, operated, bought & sold businesses so truly understand the process required to achieve a sale in a timely manner.

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